Mahindra magic again ? Thar shocked by price

Mahindra Thar

Thar shocked by price, Mahindra magic again ?

The lowest fixed soft top petrol model is priced at Rs 9.75 lakh.

Mahindra has recently launched the revamped Thar. The company sought to dismantle the image of a solid SUV and install the image of a family vehicle. And it was almost a success.

The company has been attracting the Indian middle class with its luxurious packaging, diesel and petrol engines and automatic transmissions.It also received widespread support from consumers.The next thing motorists are waiting for is to know the price of Thar.

Mahindra had earlier announced that the price would be announced on 20th of this month.
But rumors are circulating in the automotive world about the price of the Thar, which is expected to be priced below Rs 10 lakh.

The lowest fixed soft top petrol model is expected to cost Rs 9.75 lakh.

The highest hard top diesel automatic is priced at Rs 12.25 lakh (both ex-showroom).
With the Thar priced below Rs 10 lakh, it is an achievement for Mahindra.
Thar has no precisely discernible competitors in the market.
Because no other company is launching a vehicle like this.
But for compact SUVs, the Creta, Celtos and Sonnet, Thar can change and gain dominance through price.
Below are the pricing details of Thar which are circulating on various online platforms.

Mahindra Thar Price (ex-showroom, India) Fixed

  • Soft Top Petrol Rs 9.75 lakh
  • Hard-Top Diesel-Manual Rs 11.2 lakh
  • Fixed Soft Top Diesel Rs 10.49 lakh
  • Hard-Top Petrol-Automatic Rs 12.49 lakh
  • AX Convertible Petrol Rs 10.25 lakh
  • Hard-Top Diesel-Automatic Rs 12.25 lakh
  • AX Convertible Diesel Rs 10.99 lakh
Mahindra Thar 2020

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