Vertical Farming

Modern/Hi-Tech Farming is all about reusing available natural resources and increasing productivity and yield.

Modern hi-tech farming includes plant conservation, landscape restoration, soil management, landscape, and garden design, construction, and maintenance. Besides, it includes large-scale crop production and pisciculture.

Different types of Modern hi-tech Farming

Poly-house/Green house

Vertical farming which includes






Aquaponics farm


biofloc fish farming

What is Polyhouse or Greenhouse?

Polyhouse/Greenhouse is an art of growing plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers under a controlled and favorable environment.

Are they different or the same?

The only difference between both being external cover – Polyhouse made of polyethylene while the Greenhouse made of glass.


Benefits of polyhouse/greenhouse:

▪️Artificially prepares the environment for crops to grow.
▪️Construction is usually done using GI pipes and polythene sheets.
▪️Uses maximum use of sunlight and prevents harmful light rays to the crops.
▪️5 to 10 degrees Celsius higher than ambient temperature.
▪️The presence of carbon dioxide inside the polyhouse is very high, which accelerates the growth of plants.
▪️10 times more productivity than seasonal farming methods.

What is Hydroponics, Aquaponics and Aeroponics,Bioflocs fish farming?

Hydroponics – Growing plants in water.


 ▪️Plants can be cultivated without soil.

▪️They can be grown in nutrient solution and absorb them in the form of ions.

▪️Thermocol, Vellaram stones, and coir pith are used to hold the plants in place.

▪️ Soil borne diseases can be avoided.

▪️️Water can be used reused repeatedly.

▪️It is suitable in low space as the plants can be planted very close

What is the difference between Hydroponics and Aeroponics?

Aeroponics – Growing plants in air/mist.

 ▪️plants can be cultivated without soil/water.

▪️they are grown in nutrient mist.

▪️️Nutrient Water consumption is minimal.


Aquaponics – Growing aquatic animals and reusing the nutrient rich water for growing plants.

It is a combination of pisciculture and hydroponics


Bioflocs Fish farming – Growing micro-organisms and fish together

Environmentally friendly aquaculture technique based on in situ microorganism production.

▪️Disadvantages of conventional aquaculture can be remedied by the cost of feed, limited space, limited water availability, and more time required for care.

▪️The bacterium Lactobacillus should be deposited first in the fish tank. After a few days, the bacteria-eating fish will be deposited in it.

▪️A while later the fish excretion is converted back into protein by bacteria and the reservoir should be regularly ventilated for fish and bacteria.

▪️Another feature is that the fish growing in the reservoir are disease-free.

▪️The fish need less of the other food as they eat the flocs regularly.

▪️Microbes multiply by consuming fish excrement from the reservoir. Therefore, there is very little waste in the reservoir.

Now why choose Modern Modern hi-tech farming over traditional farming?

Modern/Hi-tech farming is done with the help of modern technology at a high cost.
The efficient use of agricultural land and water is of paramount importance during this period of steady decline in availability.
In the past, most of the cultivation was done in fields.

Today fields are disappearing.

Intending to produce more crops using the available land and available water, human beings are trying new innovative farming methods using modern systems.
It is a new revolution to transform the agricultural sector so that the farmer gets a year-round income from such farming methods.

Modern/High-tech farming practices that produce quality products and increase crop productivity are less environmentally dependent.
High productivity is achieved with the right amount of fertilizer and the right amount of irrigation specifically targeting vegetable crops.
Highlights of vegetable high-tech farming methods are soilless cultivation, fertilization, use of hybrid seeds, limited use of water, and conservation method.

Modern/High-tech farming means less exploitation of natural resources. With suitable climatic conditions for the growth of various crops, it has become a method of cultivation in any climate. In addition to vegetables, fish farming also follows high-tech methods.

Can we do this at home?

Here comes the best part –YES we can adopt high-tech farming methods not only commercially but also in our homes.

For instance, Non-toxic vegetables for home use throughout the year can be grown in backyards or on terraces in small greenhouses/polyhouse.

When combined with Bioflocs fish farming we can use the Bioflocs nutrient-rich water as fertilizers for our plants.

Hence Aquaponic organic farming in our own house.

Vertical farming in your backyard
modern farming
Greenhouse organic farming at home
organic farming at home
modern farming at home

Pathfinder has lined up multiple Modern Farming projects in Kerala with full government support one of which is currently under development in Kannur district, for more details see Vertical Farming in Pathfinder.

Vertical Farming - Kannur
Vertical Farming
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