Success Mantra – Have you noticed the Elephants ?

Elephant Success

Are you waiting to get some tips to be successful in your life?

Everyone is busy in improvising themselves to their way to SUCCESS. We have a secret recipe. But majority among us don’t know what it is.

And the secret recipe for your Success is “YOU“.

I can tell you a small story.

Have you noticed the elephants? They are always swinging. Have you ever wondered why? Elephants, when they are young or tamed, may have a chain tied to their legs.

That ‘s the game ..
Foot gets wounded when pulled several times. But it will never be treated by trainers. It hurts when the injured leg is pulled back .. the wound gets bigger. The elephant will never try to break the chain again,

Because, he can not break it, the trainers have succeeded in creating in its mind a fear that the foot will hurt again if you just try .. !!

Even when the elephant grows up, the conditioning in its mind will never change in life!

Elephant is the largest land animal. Elephants have immense memory and intelligence .. Can be seen from miles away
It has strong tusks and trunk.

The big trees will be taken up .. The buildings will be knocked down if needed .. But he never tries to break the chain on his own feet. That is the problem with mental conditioning that occurs when you are young. The elephant does not know its power .. !! The chain of the elephant is not really tied to the foot but to the mind .. !!

So it is with man.

It is said that there are over forty thousand limiting beliefs in the mind of an adult man… !!


I am black
It’s not nice to see me ..
I am short, or tall
Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.
My teeth are not beautiful.
Nose is not beautiful
My caste does not belong …
I do not have the financial capacity.
I have less contacts …..
presentation skills are low …..
I do not speak English
My voice is not good ……
I can’t show the plan ….
I want to sing closing …..
People are not with me …..

Each of us lives with countless limitations like this. The locals, the family and the friends have worked hard to tell us exactly this
Such limiting thoughts greatly affect our self-confidence
Thus, the limiting beliefs that we have accumulated in our emotional luggage since time immemorial can have a detrimental effect on our Self Respect, Self Love and Self Esteem.
That is the biggest problem we face in all our lives .. !!
Because we do not realize our true power .. !!

So the First step to SUCCESS is “YOU”

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