Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is an innovative way of maintaining our agricultural practices. In India, vertical farming is mostly polyhouse-based farming. Poly-house farming is a protected way that gives higher productivity and yield of vegetables and fruits across India with high Quality.

Why Vertical Farming?

The world’s overall population is expected to increase by another 2 billion by 2040. Feeding such a large population will be the toughest part. Due to urbanization, every day we are losing lands that could be used for farming and cultivation. Studies observation suggests that the Earth has lost one- fourth of its arable lands over the last 50 years.India is the country with the maximum population. India is evolving every day with something new. Also, industrialization is increasing dramatically due to which many arable lands are at greater risk. Vertical farming in India is the answer to all these problems.

Vertical Farming can be simply defined as “Doing 100 acres of farming production in just 1 acres of land”. Are you surprised? Yes it’s possible. It is an Israeli Technology used 60 years ago. This method helped to bring a large extend of land into a productive land with optimum use of resources. Vertical farming in poly house ensures the high yield with lesser resources saving 80% of water, hugely on labours and with excellent quality. Polyhouse ensures the farming is protected from nature uncertainty and disease without requiring harmful chemicals. We can plant the crop anytime in the year and hence can produce yield as per market requirements due to controlled environment. So this is the best practice that should be encouraged alongside industrialization in India thus can foresee a brighter future with “Happy Farmers Across the World”.

Advantages of Vertical Farming

  • Year-round crop production
  • 100 acres production in 1 acre
  • Farming controlled environment as in polyhouse
  • Eliminates agricultural runoff
  • Significantly reduces use of fossil fuels (farm machines and transport of crops)
  • Makes use of abandoned or unused properties
  • No weather related crop failures
  • Offers the possibility of sustainability for urban centers
  • We save almost 85% water, 85% Labour and 90% Land hence it helps social cause also.




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